Google Ads Editor Version 2.5 Latest Features

Google Ads Editor Version 2.5, the latest iteration of this indispensable tool, arrives just 17 weeks after the release of Version 2.4 in July 2023. This update introduces a slew of enhancements that are set to revolutionize campaign management and optimization. Check out our breakdown of the enhancements in Google Ads Editor Version 2.5.

App URL for App Install Ads

Marketers can now integrate app deep links for App Install Ads through the App URL field, making it seamless to drive app installations. This feature aligns App Install Ads with App Engagement Ads, streamlining your mobile marketing strategy.

Ad Strength of Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are a cornerstone of Google Ads campaigns. In this update, the Ad Strength feature has been refined to include automatically generated assets, ensuring that your ad strength evaluations are as accurate as possible.

Asset Source in Asset Report

Understanding the origin of your advertising assets is crucial. The new “Asset source” column is now available for channel level, asset group level, and ad level asset reports. This addition distinguishes between automatically created assets and those provided by advertisers.

Additional Fields in Discovery Product Ads

Google Ads Editor enhances support for Discovery product ads with the addition of various fields, including videos, long headlines, Path 1, and Path 2. This empowers marketers to create more engaging and informative product ads.

In-Feed Video Ads

Editor now supports in-feed video ads within Discovery campaigns. These ads combine the features of Discovery ads and responsive display ads, providing a dynamic and versatile format for your advertising content.

Text Mode for Selecting Videos

Transitioning between the video picker and text mode is now a breeze. In the previous version, a video picker was used to select videos for your ads. With text mode, you can input raw video IDs to make your selections, offering more flexibility in managing your video assets.

Campaign Level Broad Match

Google Ads Editor now accommodates the broad match keywords campaign setting. Enabling this setting at the campaign level ensures that only broad match keywords can be added, simplifying keyword management.

Video View Campaigns

Editor extends support to Video view campaigns, a variant of Video campaigns featuring the Target Cost Per View (CPV) bid strategy and multi-format video ads. This addition enriches the diversity of your video advertising strategy.

Search Themes in Performance Max Campaigns

For Performance Max campaigns, Google Ads Editor now includes support for search themes. These themes help you convey valuable insights about your customers’ search behavior and conversion-driving topics. This enhancement empowers you to harness the full potential of Google’s AI capabilities.

Replace Text Tool for Product Groups

Efficiently manage your product groups by using the Replace Text tool to replace specific text across all components of a product group. This feature is a time-saver, particularly when making universal changes to your product groups.

These are just a few highlights from the extensive list of updates in Google Ads Editor Version 2.5. We expect even more exciting developments from Google, as they continue to invest in creating tools that empower webmasters and digital marketers. As the first of many updates, Google Ads Editor Version 2.5 sets the stage for a new era in streamlined and efficient campaign management.