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  • June 2, 2016
  • SEO Consulting Experts
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At SEO Consulting Experts, we’re pleased to announce our certification as a Google Partner agency. Becoming a Google Partner places SEO Consulting Experts in an elite group of digital marketing agencies, and only trusted companies can earn the Google Partner Badge. Google reviews the accounts we manage to ensure our clients are getting the exceptional service they deserve.

As a Google Partner, we have the advantage of working directly with Google. Our team is able to speak with Google concerning optimization of accounts, training, and continuously changing features and products. The certification process is rigorous and our clients have peace of mind knowing that Google trusts our digital marketing agency in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“Achieving the Google Partners status has been a company-wide effort, involving all members of our team. We have studied together to pass the Google certification examinations, and worked together on client accounts to meet the quality and spend requirements. I’m very proud of how our team has worked together to earn the Google Partner badge.” 

Chris Hicks, President of SEO Consulting Experts

What Does it Mean to be a Google Partner?

“The Google Partner badge means that we trust you, and your clients should too. It shows your business is healthy, your clients are happy, and that you follow Google best practices.” Google

Here are the requirements that our agency met to meet to become a Google Partner:

Google Certifications: Our Search Department is certified in Google Search Advertising, Shopping, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Ads, and Google Analytics IQ.

Best practices: To achieve Google Partner status, Google reviewed our client accounts to ensure we were making the most of our clients’ budgets and advertising campaigns. We’ve demonstrated that we’re maximizing our clients’ performance by implementing the recommended best practices in their campaigns.

Spend: Our agency has a healthy amount of activity and meets the spend requirements across our managed accounts.

We are very pleased to have met the criteria, and to be officially recognized as a certified Google Partner agency. You can view our official Google Partner profile.

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